test tube  
A Science Fair is a collection of exhibits which illustrate the broad concepts of pure or applied science.  An exhibit might show a biological, chemical, physical, or technical principle.  Preparing and displaying a project for a Science Fair helps to develop responsibility, pride, and accomplishment. It also gives students a chance to have peers, teachers, family, and the community memeber take notice of their expertise in the various fields of science.    

Approximately four weeks ago, Valley View 4th and 5th grade received the assignment to develop a project based on guidelines and criteria set by Riverside County of Education (RCOE).  On February 23rd, students brought their projects to school and gave class presentations.  The next day, each students set up their own projects in the school auditorium in preparation judging.  That evening,  parents, staff and community members joined the students at the annual Science Fair. 
Valley View expresses sincere gratitude to: Leslie Ladd, Loyd House, Ron Tucker, Laura DiMeo, Dave Pyle, Claudia and Clint Stoutenburg, and custodians Kyle and David. We appreciate your help to make our Science Fair a sucess.

And the winners are:  
3rd Place: Denise Duerr, Jenna Julson, Gwyenth Lutovsky 
Project:  How Dirty Is Our Classroom?"  Six samples of the classroom were swabbed.  The bacteria was grown in ager in a petri dish over two weeks.  The microwave grew the most bacteria.  The girls used a microscope to see and identify the bacteria.
2nd Place:  Sergio Lopez
Project: "Which Metal Rusts First?"  Sergio tested three types of metal; aluminum, copper, and steel. The three metals were tested in both tap water and salt water for two weeks. The salt water caused the steel and aluminum to rust. However, the copper did not rust.  
1st Place:  Sariah Bill and Linnea Guss
Project:  "Can Baking Soda Substitute For Baking Powder In A Recipe?"  The girls tested various chemical compositions varying baking soda, baking powder, and cream of tarter to see if the muffin reciper could be duplicated in texture, physical appearance, and taste.  The result was if the correct combination of the baking powder and cream of tarter was used, it could substitute baking soda in a recipe.   
Sariah and Linnea's project will be entered into the Riverside County Exhibition.  Judging will take place on April 5th, and public viewing is April 6th.